Power shower

Australian weather broke records in recent weeks, and like some sort of cosmic ripple effect, it caused DD to break a record too: namely, how quickly after collecting your newly repaired car from the mechanics can you get it damaged again. He had just picked up his car, finally free of the dent made by … More Power shower

Smoky days

When the kids woke us up at dawn on New Year’s Day, the sun was a sore, distant red. Our baby daughter’s hair smelt of the ash that had been swirling around in her room during the night despite our efforts to seal up the windows and crank up the air purifier. Our 4-year-old son’s … More Smoky days

Not so easy

Unlike when we moved to Beijing, we haven’t had to deal with a language barrier here in Canberra, other than chuckling at the fact that Australians, like Americans, refer to the UK as ‘England’, making it sound like the quaint chocolate box fairy land that I presume they think it is. There are, however, a … More Not so easy

Going postal

With the arrival of our second child we’ve yet again mired ourselves in the tedious administrative circus of registering the birth and applying for a passport. We learned the first time round that living abroad makes everything that bit more stressful as you need to send original birth and marriage certificates back and forth between … More Going postal