i dash phone

After two years of language study and some hefty exams out of the way, DD finally started his job last week. Now, every morning he gets up early and packs a lunch. His first words to me are still ‘Do you want your tea? Shall I warm it up?’ as they’ll probably be ’til the … More i dash phone

Singles’ Day

Last week on 11 November, while my UK news feed was awash with red poppies and fuzzy patriotism that marked Armistice Day, here in China the date marked a national event of a very different mould. In China, 11.11 is Singles’ Day – inspired, rather ingeniously, by the four ‘1’s all standing alone. It’s an … More Singles’ Day

APEC sunny

This week, a newly coined phrase is on every Beijinger’s lips: ‘APEC 蓝’ – literally ‘APEC blue’, meaning ‘APEC blue sky’. With more than a hint of irony, it refers to the blue skies artificially created by the government who, in a bid to hide the smog from the world leaders here for APEC, has … More APEC sunny