Back in London

Through the haze of the morning-after-the-night-before, amongst all the channels that I flicked through on my friend’s living room telly, I found myself settling on Dave. There was something about watching a couple of vaguely familiar comedians drive a dusty 4×4 on the “Road of Death”, followed by a loud American eat a gargantuan sandwich … More Back in London

Coming home

With temperatures at sub-zero, the pools of phlegm that pedestrians suck up from the depths of their lungs and spit out with vigour are now refusing to dry out, and even freezing over. Street vendors pile bobble hats and leather gloves on the pavement, and on a no-smog day the technicolour light design on the … More Coming home

DD and DC

David Cameron is in town, hard on the heels of his friends George and Boris, and the Embassy staff seem busy. On this visit DC literally means business, sharing his plane with more than 100 suits from the world of British enterprise, and even opening an account on Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter. His optimism prompted … More DD and DC