The soldier was humming. He stood still on a small raised platform, sharply dressed in his dark green uniform, his arms by his side and his feet touching heel to heel, staring solemnly at the brick wall of the British Ambassador’s residence with his back to the traffic – and he was humming. It was … More Humming

Every day

I’ve been noticing recently that everything around me feels clearer and closer than they did before. I’m finally linking up streets in my head so I have a sense of where the hell I am, I’m remembering almost every time not to flush toilet paper in public toilets, and we’ve located a couple of good … More Every day

Bite bite bite

I did not expect this in October. The bottom half of both my legs are covered in red swollen patches, and there’s another one, oddly, on my right jaw. I’ve always attracted mosquitoes, in fact as I was growing up they were the only things I could guarantee to attract every summer, through the early … More Bite bite bite

Choice words

It’s only been three weeks in to living in Beijing, but writing this blog is proving interesting for what I don’t say as well as what I do. As the wife of a diplomat I shouldn’t say things that are inappropriate for DD and his workplace, which means I can’t go wild with every detail … More Choice words