I’m not sure why, but Monday evenings often turn out to be an impromptu booze fest. Perhaps it’s the shock of going back to work after the weekend. Or perhaps it’s like I’m toasting the week ahead. Or perhaps it’s just a case of bee to honey, since actually Thursdays and Fridays are also heavy, … More Tuesday


I have to say goodbye to a close friend on Friday – he leaves on a long trip and won’t be back before I’m off to Beijing – and I feel blue. We work together and live close by, and we spend a lot of time together. I can’t believe it’ll suddenly go from all … More Friend

Summer love

I came home from work today to find DD lying on the sofa wearing a pair of red swim trunks, a polo shirt and a thin layer of sweat looking like he’d been shored up from the sea. I’ve now left him staring at his Mandarin homework, which forms part of his working day now … More Summer love